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Project 1 and BMW M’s training strategy has proved successful. The team demonstrated this impressively with its title win in their DTM Trophy debut season. Colin Caresani and Louis Henkefend, the two young talents from the BMW M2 Cup, notched up a total of five wins in their debut year, securing first place in the team standings. Caresani gained the lead in the driver standings for a time and eventually became vice champion .

“That was an unbelievable season in which I was able to learn so much. A lot was new, but we made our way as a team. I’d really like to say many thanks to all those who gave us such strong support”, said Caresani. “Scoring enough points to decide the team championship in our favour is fantastic”, team colleague Henkefend added.

Project 1’s DTM Trophy premiere season was packed with all sorts of highlights. After Caresani had secured the first of his four victories in Imola, team mate Louis Henkefend’s first triumph followed just a few weeks later at the Norisring. Special touch here was Caresani’s second place, which made the first double win for Marcel Jürgens-Wichmann’s squad a perfect one.

“Winning the BMW home game in Nürnberg of all places, was certainly a special milestone for us”, Jürgens-Wichmann explained. “Both Colin and Louis have worked extremely hard all year and the same goes for the entire crew. We mustn’t forget that the car and also the series were new territory. The competition had an experience-based advantage in many aspects.”

Team founder Hans-Bernd Kamps prioritises the DTM Trophy premiere for a number of reasons. “The crew has done an extraordinarily good job, without a doubt”, said the managing director. “Becoming so competitive in such a short time is something we shouldn’t take for granted. Our success emphasises the quality of our work with young people. The BMW M2 Cup has established itself as an introductory platform.”

Maxime Oosten is the next young talent who’s ready and waiting. Thanks to his title win in the one-make trophy organised by Project 1 Drivetime, the 19-year-old Dutchman has secured himself a place in the DTM Trophy.



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